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Moving an office can be a little more tricky than moving your home possessions. For every hour that your business is out of service, you’re losing money and the hard-earned goodwill of your customers. Still, office equipment, inventory and records need to be moved carefully, so they arrive intact and safely in their new home. That requires the skill and training of a good office moving company like Centurion Moving.

Tips For Finding A Good Office Mover

Time is money when it comes to moving your office. That’s why you need to pick the most experienced and most reliable mover available to transport your office equipment, electronics, decor, valuable inventory and records to their new home. All moving companies are not alike, as many companies have found out to their dismay when moving their offices. Too many companies overpromise and under-deliver…and a few will even try to scam you. To find a company that can do the job you need them to do, on time and on budget, consider the following:

  1. Ask for recommendations. Yes, this should be obvious, but too many companies (and individuals) rely on the Internet and an algorithm to find an office mover. Do you really want a computer picking the company with whom you’re going to entrust your business?
  2. Don’t pay a large deposit. The industry standard for office moving companies is to charge a 20 percent deposit with the balance payable at the end of the move. Be wary if a prospective moving company asks for a much larger amount.
  3. Make sure the company has experience with moving electronics. If your company depends on electronics to function (and most do), make sure that the moving company you hire knows that these items require special handling, such as making sure they are transported in an upright position, aren’t exposed to extreme heat or cold and don’t have boxes stacked on top of them.
  4. Get at least three estimates. Good business sense dictates that you should get multiple estimates before deciding on a mover. This process will also give you a good idea of what you can expect (and not expect) from your movers. A company representative should visit your business, look at the space and make a note of the items you need to have moved. Be cautious about hiring a company that gives you a quote over the phone or via the Internet.

About Centurion Movers

Centurion Movers is a locally-owned and managed, full-service residential and commercial moving company. We live right here in Kansas City, so we care about the city and your business. We have 25 years’ experience in helping businesses like yours relocate within the greater KC area.

You don’t have to leave moving your office to chance. Centurion Moving is here to help. To learn more about relocating your Kansas City area office safely and securely, visit centurionmoving.com or contact us at (insert contact info) to schedule an appointment.  We have the equipment, training and experience to make your Kansas City office move a success.