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Do you have a grand piano or expensive, fragile artwork you need to move? Most movers are great with moving boxes and sofas, but some lack the skill and finesse needed to make sure that your specialty items receive the extra care they need to arrive at your new home or office intact and functioning properly. That’s when you need the services of a specialty mover.

What is a specialty mover?

A specialty mover is one that has experience and training to handle your “not-so-normal” items. These items, like fine art, pianos and electronics require special handling to make sure they arrive at their new home in one piece and working as their should.

The specialty moving services we offer

What constitutes a special item? These can be large items, delicate items and/or extremely valuable items. Just a few of the specialty items we handle at Centurion Moving include…

  • Moving pianos. Pianos of all types are not only extremely heavy and awkward, but they are delicate and require careful handling to not damage the sound board.
  • Moving electronics. Electronics are delicate and can’t just be stacked in a moving truck subject to motion and changing temperatures and be expected to function properly when reinstalled. We understand how to transport your computers, flat screen television sets and other electronics without damaging them.
  • Moving exercise equipment. Treadmills, weight machines and other pieces of exercise equipment are bulky and usually don’t break down well. We have the experience to get these items to their new home, even when we have to navigate narrow doorways and other tight spaces.
  • Moving IT equipment. Getting your office IT equipment to your new office location is something that has to be done quickly and precisely, so you don’t lose a minute of productivity when you open at your new location. We have years of experience in packing and setting up your servers, PCs, printers and other peripherals at their new home.
  • Moving fine art. Fine art also requires a special handling so as not to damage your investment. Moisture and extreme temperature can also be detrimental to your art. We have the skill and training to handle these items properly and install them in their new home.
  • Moving pool tables. Pool tables are large and unwieldy. They also don’t come apart easily and can be difficult to fit through tight doorways and around narrow corners. We can assure you that your pool table will arrive at its new home without any scratches or dents.
  • Moving appliances. Getting large appliances through doorways and up stairs can be challenging and potentially harmful to the delicate components in your refrigerator, washer and dryer, stove and/or dishwasher. We get these items there safely without a scratch.

You don’t have to leave moving your large, valuable and delicate items to chance. To learn more about moving your Kansas City area specialty items safely and securely, visit centurionmoving.com or contact us at (insert contact info) to schedule an appointment. Our locally-owned moving company has been helping home and business owners like you for more than 25 years.