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questions to ask a mover

Hiring a moving company can be challenging! With so many moving companies to pick from, finding the best company can take some research and due diligence. Asking smart questions can make searching for a moving company easier. Whether you’re looking for office relocation specialists or local home movers for an upcoming residential relocation, these questions can help you find the right company to do business. 

How long have you been in business? 

Often, companies that have staying power are companies with good business practices and good customer service policies. While it’s not a direct measure of how functional a company is, there’s often a relationship between the two. The longer a moving company is in business, the more chances they have to sort out issues like logistics, training and customer service policies that lead to happy customers. Be cautious with companies that have less than a year experience. 

How long will my move take? 

Long distance moves can take more than a week, while local moves are often finished in the same day. Find out how long your move will take, and whether the delivery dates are guaranteed. If the delivery dates are not guaranteed, be prepared to wait for your items to be delivered. 

When is payment due, and what kind of payment do you accept? 

Find out whether your mover will accept a form of payment you can provide, whether that’s cash, check or credit card. Never pay for a relocation before the move takes place. If the mover asks for payment up front, find a new mover. 

Do you have references? 

Always check references before hiring a moving company. References can tell you what kind of rapport the moving company develops with its customers, and how happy those customers are when they’re finished with their move. When calling references, ask questions such as: 

  • When did you work with this moving company? 
  • Would you hire them again? Why or why not? 
  • What kind of relocation did they help you with? (Intrastate? interstate? local?) 
  • Were they gentle with your items and respectful to you? 

Are you licensed? 

Licensure is a requirement for all movers. Movers that perform interstate movers should have a US Department of Transportation license, while intrastate movers should have a state license. Be sure the mover that you’re hiring has the right kind of license for the type of move taking place. 

What kind of services do you provide? 

Some movers only transport boxes from here to there. Other movers perform a range of services, including packing boxes, storing items and more. Find out what type of services the mover you’re considering provides. They may offer more services than you realize, which could help you in your relocation. 

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