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Hire Trusted Appliance Movers in Kansas City

Centurion Moving & Storage are the trusted appliance movers with specially trained moving team members geared up to move fridges, cleaning machines, drying out devices, and dishwashers. Each of these appliances have small, mechanical components and need unique moving care. These components can get harmed conveniently otherwise dealt with properly. The longer the trip, the more probable it is for damages to happen, so if you’re moving to an additional state, delivering your appliances with an unskilled firm can be high-risk.

Don’t Injure Yourself Moving Your Appliances

Attempting to move hefty appliances by yourself can result in serious injury. You might end up with damaged home appliances, or you can cause damage to your wall surfaces and floors throughout the relocation. Carrying your devices to a new house with a certified device delivery service is the most effective alternative for secure transportation.

Residential Home Appliance Hauling & Moving

The trained device moving companies working with Centurion Moving & Storage have the abilities and tools needed to do the work effectively. The moving team members will arrive on time for your appointment outfitted with dollies, furnishings, straps, and sliders. They will undoubtedly wrap appliances in cushioned coverings to safeguard handles and also fragile surfaces from damage. Our experienced team of movers knows how to safely load your home appliances onto the truck and transfer them into your new house.

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Before transporting your fridge, you ought to unplug it 24 hours beforehand, giving it time to thaw. This action allows appropriate time for drying out the interior surfaces and protects against mold and mold growth. You ought to empty it and pack any detachable drawers and shelves individually. Our refrigerator movers use tape to secure the doors and electric cords. It’s important to maintain the fridge upright throughout the transfer to make sure that compressor oil does not leak or trigger long-term damage. We use appliance dollies to provide appropriate handling of your fridge.

Our home appliances haulers see your washing device and dryer are appropriately unplugged and disconnected from the water. The surfaces of washers & dryers are breakable and should be protected by cushioned relocating coverings throughout transportation. Centurion specializes in transporting and also setting up appliances. We’ll install them in your new space and make sure that they work appropriately, so you can begin cleaning and drying out washing without delay.

Our professional dishwasher relocating company disconnects the appliance from the water and dries the pipes. We cover little components and identify them to ensure very easy installation upon arrival at your new residence.

Three flights of stairs? Bad back or a sore knee? Let Centurion Moving help with all your needs! Our strong, fit-moving team members can carry your heavy loads up and down those stairs without a problem. We are insured and bonded and will transfer your belongings with care and ease.

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