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For Your Not-So-Normal Moving Projects

Centurion understands that moves often require more than moving just boxes and furniture from one location to another. All Centurion’s staff is full time moving specialists and fully trained to handle the most complex and fragile items.

Top of the Line Moving Technology

Our fleet of modern, air-ride, lift gate equipped trucks are well suited for transporting anything from large items to sensitive equipment that you may own. We give your individual items special attention to ensure they’re moved properly. We specialize in carefully moving your fine art, antiques, pianos, packing and unpacking your items, and even removing your junk! We have different strategies to effectively perform the different special services we provide.

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Custom Moving Solutions For You

We even provide different types of services for different types of people, proving our commitment to individualizing your move. For example, we have a specific team trained to deal with senior citizen moving and another for residential family moving. Our team is compassionate when dealing with these cases, and active in providing you with extra services relevant to them.

Piano Movers

When you need piano movers in Kansas City, call Centurion. We are specially trained in how to carry pianos, how to disassemble them if that is necessary, and how to get them where they need to go without damaging them. When you need your piano moved, you can trust that we will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Pool Tables

At Centurion Moving, we are your expert pool table movers in Kansas City. We’ll make sure that your pool table gets to its new home in one piece, without scratches or dents. We know all of the secrets of disassembling pool tables and protecting them in transit, so you can be sure that your table will make it to your destination unharmed.


When you call us to move your furniture, you can rest assured that you are calling professionals who have been in the business for years. We’ll make sure that your furniture gets where it needs to go no matter what. We’ll show you why we have been trusted as furniture movers in Kansas City for years.

Fine Art

When you are moving fine art, you want to be sure that your movers know exactly what they are doing. At Centurion, we know how to safely remove your art from the wall, or from its pedestal or base if it is a statue or ceramic piece. We also know how to package your art for transportation, and how to get it to its destination safe and sound. When it comes to moving fine art in Kansas City, we will get the job done smoothly and carefully.

IT Equipment

When you are moving IT Equipment that may include many computers or entire servers, you want to make sure that not only the machine gets to where it needs to be, but that all of the data is preserved. We understand that moving computers or servers in Kansas City can be difficult, and we will use all of our training to help you get your machines where they need to go, safe and sound.

Home Theater Equipment

Moving home theater equipment in Kansas City can be a tricky business. After all, some of the equipment is fragile and you may find yourself concerned that something will happen to it along the way. When you choose Centurion, you are choosing movers who have successfully relocated hundreds of home theater systems over the years. We’ll protect yours and get it where it needs to go.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can be difficult to move. It’s often heavy, awkward, and doesn’t break down into easily packable parts. Don’t worry, though! We will move your exercise equipment in Kansas City and get it wherever you need it to go, quickly and safely. We have moved many pieces of equipment just like yours over the years, and we’ll use that expertise to make sure yours gets where it needs to go, in great condition!

Local Movers

Friendly professional company. Was able to move within a week a speaking to Jimmy. Would hire again

Melissa N.

Local Movers

outstanding, professional

David H.

Household Movers

I simply cannot recommend Centurion Moving enough. Jimmy Maschmann, their director of sales, personally worked with me through the entire moving process – he walked through my home and provided a very fair bid, loaned me moving boxes that allowed me to pack and move things on my own (saving me money), and came to my new home the day we moved to ensure everything was perfect. They actually packed my old home up AND moved it all into my new home on the same day. It rained all day long, and they managed to leave my old home immaculate, and even power washed my drive and sidewalks to ensure they didn’t track into my new home. The movers were kind and cheerful and wonderful to have in our home. When I tipped the workers, they were worried I’d given them $50 more than I intended and tried to give that back. I forgot to pack up my jewelry drawer, and they brought that to my attention to make sure nothing was lost or damaged. Jimmy is just incredible – eager, honest and seems to know everyone in the city. If you are moving….HIRE CENTURION.

Sara Shelby


Moving a motorcycle in Kansas City can be rough, especially if you can’t drive it to its new location. Instead of worrying, though, you can trust Centurion to do it for you. We will make sure your bike is safe during preparation, transport, and delivery, and we’ll get it to you quickly. When you can’t move your motorcycle yourself, we’ll do it for you!

Sports Cars and Collector Vehicles

Do you need to relocate a sports car or a collector vehicle in Kansas City? At Centurion, we have the training and experience to get your vehicle wherever it needs to go, safe and sound. We have transported cars of all sorts for many people over the years, and we would love to use the expertise we have gained to help you out. We’ll show you just how easy moving your vehicle can be!

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