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How You Can Help Your Move

Centurion Moving & Storage Wants to Help Make Your Next Move A Success without Stress


Children & Pets – It is best to keep children and pets away during the move to prevent possible accidental injuries to them as well as the movers. If not expecting them while moving backward, they can become a hazard and cause an accident that may cause minor to serious injury.


Be Completely Packed – If we are just doing the move and not the packing, try to be as packed, organized, and ready for our team to start efficiently packing the truck(s).


Have Details Ready to Share with the Moving Team – Your moving team will do a “Walk Through” with you before they begin to load the trucks. During this time, it allows you the opportunity to share specific details (if you haven’t already or forgotten something) about your move. For example, if there are certain items that will be staying, specific boxes that may be more fragile, and any additional stops along the way for storage or to get additional items. This will help in making sure the trucks are packed appropriately and minimize any risk of damage while also not wasting time.


Protect Your Belongings – We want your items to arrive in the same condition we took possession of them. To ensure that, communication with your team of movers about what belongings need special care or additional protection will be helpful.


Keep Valuables, Meds, & Important Paperwork with You – Best practice is for all jewelry, money, medications, and important paperwork should be packed and kept in the owner’s vehicle during the move. We recommend this to minimize everyone’s risk in case something gets misplaced during the move. Knowing where your valuables are minimized stress for everyone


Be Present During Loading & Unloading – It is highly recommended to be present or have a trusted representative for you or your company present during both the loading and unloading periods. Being able to “Direct” the movers and traffic from rooms in your home or office with your items eliminates stress on both parties as well.

When unloading the truck, please let your movers know where you would like the items placed and the appropriate rooms for the boxes to go. This will ensure everything ends up where you want it and minimize the risk of not knowing where something could be. You guessed it; this will help eliminate some stress from the move.


Final Walk-Through – After all the items are moved into your new home or office, it is recommended to do a final walk-through with your movers. Double-check the truck(s) and your personal vehicle to make sure nothing was left behind. You may have listed the tip in #7 for being present, but if after looking at everything and you want something moved from one room to another; this is your last opportunity to have the moving team place them in the best location.

Also, verify that all furniture (that needed assembling) is assembled correctly and to your expectations. We want to make sure everything is done properly the first time. It never hurts to double-check everything before your moving team leaves.


We are Here to Help – You hired the movers for a reason, to Help You! Don’t hesitate to ask about certain things or communicate and concerns you may have. Professional and honest moving companies, like Centurion, will always make sure to address the needs or concerns in a timely manner. Companies like ours will make every effort to accommodate you.


Call Us – Lastly, always feel free to contact our office at (816) 221-6683 or via email at sales@cmoving.com prior to your move, during your move and/or after your move with scheduling conflicts, questions, comments or for advice.

Most importantly, good communication is key to a successful move!!!

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