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Wanting to Find the Best Movers for Your Upcoming Move? Learn How to Hire the Right Ones

If you want to move to a new home or office, you’re likely in the market for a company to help you pack and transport your belongings from one location to another. However, since moving companies aren’t often used, you’re probably uncertain about whom to entrust your home or office furniture and other possessions. All moving companies are not created alike, and, unfortunately, there are more than a few scammers preying on people moving to a new location. It pays to do your homework before deciding on a mover.

What to Look for in an excellent local Mover

We understand that choosing a moving company to handle your possessions to can be somewhat confusing. You want to do more than blindly pick a name from a Google listing or telephone directory. We suggest you consider the following points:

  1. Go local. Local movers are connected with the area and are much less likely to take advantage of you like anonymous moving companies you find via the Internet.
  2. Check credentials. If they move items over state lines, a moving company much have a license issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). This number must be on the company’s advertising and website so it’s easy for you to check and indicate that they have met or exceeded U.S. government standards for movers. Thirty-three states require DOT numbers for local and in-state movers.
  3. Get a written estimate. Besides being good business sense, getting a written, in-person estimate is a good sign that the moving company is legit. Be wary of companies giving you a phone or Internet estimate without coming out to see your belongings or space. It’s a good idea to get at least three estimates before deciding.
  4. Be wary of large deposit requirements. The industry norm for moving companies is to charge a 20 percent up-front deposit, with the balance payable at the end of the move. Be suspicious of companies that charge a significantly higher deposit. “Consumer Reports” magazine advises putting your moving deposit on your credit card so you have some recourse if the moving services you paid for aren’t delivered.
  5. Get personal recommendations. Avoid those Internet sites that offer to “find you a mover.” A moving company is the type of company you want to know someone’s personal experience with, not just that it fits a computer algorithm. Ensure all your friends, family, colleagues, and church members know you’re looking for a mover and listen to their recommendations.

About Centurion Movers

Centurion Movers is a locally-owned and managed, full-service moving company. We’re your neighbors and have been doing business in this community for over 25 years. We are extremely familiar with the Kansas City area and have a variety of sizes of trucks to get your possessions from your old home or business to your new one carefully and efficiently. We move families and offices to points throughout Kansas City and Missouri.

You don’t have to leave moving your home or office belongings to chance. Centurion Moving can help. To learn more about moving your Kansas City area specialty items safely and securely, visit centurionmoving.com or contact us at (insert contact info) to schedule an appointment.